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                      Current location: Home > Products > Diaphragm pump


                      Diaphragm Pump


                      Suitable for alumina, electric power,cement, coal chemical industry, mining and other industries as a reciprocatingvolumetric pump.

                      'Specialized in conveying high concentration slurry at over 75%concentrate ratio, less than 2mm particles dimension and less than

                      120 ℃ temperature, easy to precipitate, with strong abrasion and  strong corrosion.

                      Technical Features:

                      I Adopt the long life diaphragm with oil, high temperature, corrosion and fatigue resistance.

                      II Stable and reliable diaphragm stroke controlsystem.

                      III Sensitive and perfect alarm technology ofdiaphragm damage detection.


                      Performance Range:

                      Structural Type: Two or triplex horizontal single-action cylinders reciprocating plunger pump.

                      Structural Design: in accordance with GB/T9234

                      Transmission Medium: mud, pulp,mortar

                      Medium Temperature:≤120℃


                      Mode Description:

                      Technical Parameters:


                       Pump Type

                      Maximum discharge flow,GMP

                      Maximum discharge pressure rating,PSI