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                      The company's 2017 working conference was held at Jialong International Hotel

                      News source: Release time:[2017-02-22]


                        On February 22nd, the company's 2017 working conference was held at Jialong International Hotel. The meeting was chaired by the executive vice president of the company Luo Wanjun, head of the party secretary Shen Jianhui, chairman of the company Ren Cienan, vice chairman Guo Gaojian, the company middle, senior management, department heads and staff representatives, recognized by the advanced collective representatives and Individuals attended the meeting.

                       The meeting listened to the general manager Li Yanxi made a work entitled "reinforce the foundation, innovation management, forge ahead in unity, to meet the challenges, and comprehensively enhance the company operating efficiency" work report. The report gave a comprehensive summary of the company's work in 2016, analyzed the current business situation and the problems to be solved, identified the company's mission goals and overall thinking in 2017, and arranged the work arrangements for 2017 Focus on work. The meeting commended the advanced collectives, advanced teams, advanced individuals, and quality pacesets that were outstanding in their work in 2016. Finally, the company's party secretary Shen Jianhui, chairman of the company Ren and An, vice chairman Guo Gaojian have made important instructions.