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                      About us

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                      About us

                      ★ the guiding ideology of the development of the company: to establish a strategic development thinking, with the driving force of innovation, market-oriented, economic efficiency as the center, domestic and international first-class as the goal, to enhance core competitiveness,

                      ★ corporate philosophy: people-oriented, to achieve the simultaneous development of individuals and companies

                      ★ the basic principles of the development of the company: keen on innovation, scale development, extraordinary play, casting first-class

                      ★ entrepreneurial spirit: pragmatic, innovative, honest, dedicated

                      ★ corporate purposes: the pursuit of advanced technology, outstanding quality, with a good reputation to win customer satisfaction

                      ★ business the highest goal: relying on high-tech aerospace, a domestic and international fluid machinery well-known enterprises

                      ★ corporate slogan: casting space brand, catch up with the world advanced